Daryl Bolicek , President

“It’ll feel better when it quits hurting."

In spite of the fact that Daryl still references Austin Powers, he's a pretty cool dude and something of a Renaissance man who's spent the last three years making his craft brewing dreams come true with Cosmos Brewing. He's an entrepreneur, passionate craft beer enthusiast, music producer, percussionist, investor, great friend, husband, and father of two awesome universal beings; living his life step by step, going "big" while valuing quality over quantity to achieve his goals, and executing innovative ideas to fruition.

Brew Pick: Wet Hopped Brett IPA

Jared Camic , Head Brewer / Quality Control Manager

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

You’ll find Jared on any given day not only brewing delicious beers, but refining recipes and flavor profiles like a mad scientist at Cosmos Brewing. He spent the last three years developing his brewing craft by attending Brew Lab in Northern England and the MBAA Malting and Brewing Course in Wisconsin. Think becoming a brewing guru would be enough? Nah. This guy’s just an overall creative guru, having been self-employed for ten years in the music industry and playing and traveling extensively as a result. For fun, he enjoys jamming with the Mad Libs, kicking people’s asses in Hammer-Schlagen when they chant “Luigi” at him, and throwing the frisbee around with his special lady, Madison the dog, AKA Cosmos’ very own Muttnik mascot.

Brew Pick: Belgian Sours

Michael Makens , Business Partner

“Are you out of your ma-ma-ma-ma-mind?”

Back in ‘04, Michael and Daryl used to play music on the street corner (market) in Lübeck, Germany. They’d enjoy a schinken knacker before class and a döner kebab for lunch almost everyday while living in Germany for 5 months, dubbing themselves “The Dooners.” Daryl would say to him, “Musical Michael Makens makes music on the market with his microphone and mac.” While Michael doesn’t make music on the market with his microphone and mac in Germany anymore, he does fill his life with Faith, Family, and Friends. He’s a songwriter, composer, producer, performer, entrepreneur, investor, son, brother, husband, and father who spends his days helping out on the family farm. Michael’s passions lie in culture, travel, and music--the latter of which led him on a path to meeting Daryl and Jared at music college. They’ve been friends and creative collaborators ever since.

Brew Pick: Good, Quality, & Tasty

Josh Wallace , Creative Director

"Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants!"

Josh is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and toad enthusiast who’s done everything from creating grotesque three-eyed polymer clay monsters and composing glitchy electronic music to designing and illustrating a children’s book series. Daryl and Josh met in high school, where they'd go on to hang out in at McDonald's or something once or twice before forgetting each other, reconnecting on Facebook in their 20s, then becoming great friends years later when Daryl reached out to his artist friend for a new brewery he was putting together. Creativity is Josh's passion, and he's spent the last two and a half years offering this to Cosmos Brewing as their fancifully mustached designer/packaging dude/beer taste tester.

Brew Pick: IPAs

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